Stealth Trip

Stealth trip devices
Stealth Trip is a game for both individuals traveling alone and for parents with active children. It encourages players to explore locations around any given city.

I've both studied and worked abroad in Germany and Sweden, and often times that meant I had to travel alone. Whenever I would travel alone, however, I would always find it incredibly boring. I could use a guidebook, but that didn't entice me at the time. I needed something more engaging, something that would encourage me to explore and get moving. Coming back to the US with this idea, me and my good friend Pierce Wolcott started making a game that would encourage exploration while traveling.

Stealth trip vectors
This project needed to rely on game design and an appealing aesthetic.

This meant I had to change my process a little. Instead of jumping straight into wireframes after research, Pierce and I instead started making assets based on a consistent theme and planning how the game could work. We shared the workload, pairing on tasks to cut down on spent time. Only after those were done could we start wireframing.

Stealth trip wireframes
We knew location, movement and special places would be very important. So, we made a geo-based system to get players moving.

Imagine you have a monster chasing you through a city. The only way to stop it is to collect special artifacts found in hidden locations to make the monster grow smaller until it disappears. You can hide in buildings to get around it, but the monster will chase you if it sees you. We used the GPS location of your phone to correspond to where you were in a given city, and as you moved, your character moved as well.

Stealth trip models
As the project moved on, we both organically assumed roles to keep working.

While Pierce and I mostly shared the workload equally in the beginning, towards the end of the project I assumed more of a Character Modeler / UI & UX role while Pierce became the Background Modeler and Developer. From that point on I was able to rapidly come up with designs.

Stealth trip mockup 1 Stealth trip mockup 2

High-Level Processes

Experience Design, Visual Design, Game Design, 3D

Development Tools

Cinema 4D, Unity, C#

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