Mailjet devices
Mailjet is a cloud-based email service that integrates with your website to send, track and test your sent messages.

While I was working at the NYC DevShop, Mailjet approached us for assistance with their new website redesign. There was an already existing design language, but some pages still needed to be designed while the existing designs needed implementation. I took on the role as both front-end developer and designer in a small team to get this project up and running.

Mailjet 2 Mailjet 3
It needed to have customizable text, have a fully responsive design and get users excited for Mailjet's email platform.

Not only was this website made to be responsive across all devices, but it also features an admin backend equipped with the Mercury Editor, which allows every public page to have completely customizable body copy.

Mailjet mobile
Using SMACSS helped organized the app's styles, while utilizing the variables and mixins with SASS kept my code nice and DRY.

After breaking down the project into its simplest parts, I was able to keep my code organized and clean, cutting down on excessive code reuse and keeping visual styling consistent. Using variables for colors and text sizes helped adhere to the lovely designs handed to me from Mailjet and my own designs that I created.

Mailjet code

High-Level Processes

Experience Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development

Development Tools

Ruby on Rails, HAML, SASS (using SMACSS), jQuery

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