These Experiments are a collection of varied projects with a shorter timeframe.


IRCCloud is an IRC client that keeps you connected and up-to-date, regardless of the device you're on.

I had the task of creating a clean, yet exciting home page screen for this useful app. I decided to show off the app itself, rather than hide behind sometimes cryptic and indecipherable iconography, so the user can see exactly what feature is referred to on each section.

High-Level Processes

Experience Design, Visual Design


RoomioTV is a small startup that wants every TV in every hotel to be your personal guide.

This is a design for a smart TV interface that I worked on in a small team with two other designers: Joey Bright and Tyler Stegall. Between the three of us, we created the general UX and worked with some already established brand guidelines to make their user interface look much more consistent and clean. We had to design with TV's in mind, which meant that elements had to be away from the edges of the screen to avoid overscan and that elements in general had to be much larger for users farther away from the screen.

High-Level Processes

Experience Design, Visual Design

Honwei Rapiers

Honwei Rapiers is a made-up brand for a series of rapiers based on this advertisement.

I love fantasy, swords and weaponry, especially the well-crafted ones that look like pieces of fine art. As a side project I decided to make an advertisement of my favorite kind of blade, the exquisitely thin and deadly rapier. I wanted to show this off like a fine piece of jewelry or luxury car, so after modeling and texturing the sword I lit it with just one light from above. This showed off the curves of the metal, giving the exact feel I wanted.

High-Level Processes

3D Modeling, Motion

Development Tools

Cinema 4D, After Effects

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